Best Radon Mitigation System in Milwaukee

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Best Radon Mitigation System in Milwaukee, WI

Best Radon Mitigation Systems start with top Fans Reviews for 2022

Radon Mitigation System Fans are considered the most important part of the radon mitigation system installation. For those seeking the Best sollution to solve an elevated radon situation the fan needs to fit the radon mitigation system design and coordinate with its function.

Since we know that the element of radon is a odorless, colorless gas, we also know it is harmful when we breathe high levels in our daily lives. Agencies such as WHO advises that radon is 2nd cause to lung cancer. To top it off, the unfortunate fact is WHO explains that 15% of  lung cancer fatalities are caused by radon.

If you wait to feel the effects of radon, you will be waiting until you feel the first signs of lung cancer itself.

Instead of waiting for pain in the chest or a bad x-ray, why not test your home now and every two years. It is much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to consistent radon testing.

As we spoke about in the beggining of this article, to fix a radon problem always starts with the fan type. Radon Mitigation Systems are designed with the fan type in mind.

Here are three important aspects concerning Radon Mitigation System fans.

  • Consider the Airflow Rating:  A keen detail regarding  the right fan to choose is made by the amount of air flow the fan can exaust.  The way this amount is calculated is air flow per minute.  Cubic Flow per Minute (CFM) is the official name. When this rating increases, a fan will take less time to decrease amount of radon. A good contractor will probably advise buying ta fan with high CFM. as long as it has lessor consumption of power.
  • Warranty: A good fan company will offer a warranty on the radon fan.  Fans can be the most expensive cost of the radon mitigation system. It is important to make sure a quality fan is installed. Replacing the fan after little time, can be costly if it is not under warranty.
  • Noise: Noise is a situation you do not want to find yourself in as a homeowner. A noisy fan can drive you nuts and than it will need to be replaced, which leads to more expense.  If your contractor doesnt want call backs and does not want to short change the customer, it is always good to purchase a good quality no-noise propomted fan. It is well worth the cost.

Does Milwaukee, WI contain elevated radon gas?

Answer: Yes, this is the reason why we have placed thousands of radon mitigation systems in home across Milwaukee, WI and throughout SE Wisconsin.   Call

Milwaukee radon mitigation systems are the same as other areas in WI. Active Sub-slab Depressurization radon mitigation systems are the most commonly used method. EPA recomends  Americans throughout the United States to test their indoor air levels and take action to lower any radon air levels which are above 4.0 pCi/L.


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    Radon Mitigation in Milwaukee County may be Needed in more than 29% of South Milwaukee Homes

    Many Milwaukee rasidents develop lung cancer and do not realize the possibility that their diagnosis is related to the indorr air they have been breathing. Don't wait! Get a radon test right away. It could save your life or the life of a loved one.