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5 Steps to a Radon Mitigation System


1. Get Radon Testing

 Radon can be found throughout Milwaukee. In order to find out if the home you live in contains elevated radon, the home must be tested. Radon testing will consist of a continuous radon monitor being set up in the home by Milwaukee professional. Or, a radon testing kit may be placed in the home to measure levels. After 48 hours or so, the radon measurement technician will return to retrieve the radon testing kit or monitor.  Once retrieved, the data will be analyzed and printed. The print-out will indicating what type of readings took place during the sampling of the air. If the average air samples were elevated at or above 0.4 pCi/L, you should promptly hire a radon mitigation system specialist to lower the radon in the air and reduce the risk of developing lung cancer.  This type of radon testing reading  would indicate the need for installation of a radon mitigation system.



2. Finding a Radon Mitigation System Installer

If a radon mitigation system is recommended due to high radon test levels, it is definitely suggested to locate an experienced certified radon mitigation system company.  The best radon mitigation system to use in Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin is called Depressurized Sub-slab Method Radon Mitigation. Make sure that the contractor you hire is well experienced in this type of system installation. Radon Abatement can be tricky and a skilled system designer can really make a big difference in a radon mitigation installation pulling down the toxic air down to very low safer levels. The radon mitigation contractor will ask questions of the home and our system designer can usually quote the radon mitigation system cost right over the phone. A company will prepare a proposal and email it.  Once proposal is approved, the radon mitigation system install can be scheduled.

3. Making Preparations for the Radon Mitigation System

After the decision has been made and the radon mitigation system contractor has been chosen, it is time to prepare the area where the remediation system will be placed. The system designer will tell you which are in your home basement or slab the mitigation system will be set-up. It is important that this area be ready to go once the crew arrives. This means clearing out any objects and debris.

4. Radon Mitigation System Install Day

When the contractor arrives, it is just best to step out of the way and allow the crew to do their job. There may be questions regarding placement of the radon mitigation system location or any last minute decisions that need to be made concerning piping location or sump pump questions. Other than that, the radon mitigation crew will be hard at work installing the remediation system.

5. Post Mitigation Radon Testing

After the radon mitigation system is completed, you will be asked to keep the home at closed window and door conditions until the post radon testing is conducted. Usually at least 24 hours will go by before air testing begins.  The test will than be retrieved and assessed.  If a radon reading lower than 0.4 pCi/L is achieved, the radon mitigation process is was successful and the radon mitigation remediation is complete. On the rare occasion where the test comes back above action level, more mitigation will be added until the radon testing level has decreased to below action level..



What are the Lung Cancer Statistics?

According to research, lung cancer has the lowest survival rates among the top ten types of cancer. EPA studies indicate over 21,000 human beings will die every year caused from radon related lung cancer. Radon exposure statistics have shown as many as  50 people per day have died due to radon exposure.

We, at Milwaukee Radon Mitigation & Testing invite residents in Milwaukee to find out your radon level soon. Taking action could save your life and the lives of your family.   Just pick up the phone and call us at

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Get Radon Testing from Milwaukee Radon Mitigation & Testing 2604 N Pierce St Lower STE B Milwaukee, WI 53212 414-292-9495
Get Radon Mitigation System from Milwaukee Radon Mitigation & Testing 2604 N Pierce St Lower STE B Milwaukee, WI 53212 414-292-9495

Radon Mitigation in Milwaukee County may be Needed in 31% of Milwaukee Homes

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Milwaukee County Residents should to test for radon in their homes.

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