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Milwaukee Radon Mitigation & Testing provides radon testing and radon mitigation in every Milwaukee zip code, Every zip code in the county has been serviced by Milwaukee Radon Mitigation & Testing. We have found elevated radon gas in South Milwaukee and we have also found radon levels within acceptal EPA measurements. Rest assured, when you hire Milwaukee Radon Mitigation & Testing, you are placing your home in the best hands possible when it comes to setting radon tests and performing remediation. We are one of the very longest and perhaps the longest radon contractors in our community. Call (414) 292-9495

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South Milwaukee, WI Radon Mitigation and Testing


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Are you interested in gettting radon testing for your home, but do not know how to begin? Start with the quality of the contractor you hire.

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Milwaukee Radon Mitigation & Testing ranks top in all of those qualities. We are certified, experienced, local and we use top and proven radon test equipment.

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South Milwaukee, Wisconsin Radon Levels

South Milwaukee, WI residents live in a county in which EPA has determined moderate risk by zone. It is urged that your home or business or school be tested for radon to find out if levels are elevated. It seems radon results by zip code 53172 have also been given the term assessed moderate.

South Milwaukee, Wisconsin Radon Information

South Milwaukee, WI and the 53172 zip code is a populated area with many homes. Milwaukee County, has an EPA assessed Radon Zone of 2.  This zone with number 2 has predicted average radon screening indoors having levels between 2 and 4 pCi/L, So these statistics make it know that it is imperative to find out what your radon level is. Even though South Milwaukee is in a location of in relatively moderate risk  your home could be elevated.

South Milwaukee, WI


Levels of Radon Matter when it comes to Lung Cancer risk.


Radon Mitigation in Milwaukee County may be Needed in more than 29% of South Milwaukee Homes

Milwaukee County Residents are urged to measure radon gas their homes.